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Privacy Policy Stichting Waka Support Foundation


Through this privacy statement, the Waka Support Foundation Foundation (hereafter “the foundation”) provides clarity about how it collects and manages (“processes”) personal data.

Anyone who wants to make a donation to the foundation will be asked by the board of the foundation for a number of personal details that are necessary for contacting and processing the contribution. Personal data from the donors of the foundation are carefully processed and secured.

The foundation respects the privacy of visitors to its site and ensures that the personal information entrusted to it is treated confidentially. The foundation adheres to the legal requirements with regard to the protection of personal data.


Personal data


The foundation has appointed a coordinator for the management of personal data. This is the secretary. You can contact him or her with questions via the contact details of the secretary.

The following information is requested from the board members, donors and other people involved with the foundation:
• your full name, address and place of residence (name and address details);
• your telephone number (s);
• Your email address;
• the relevant bank details

You can visit the website of the foundation without telling us who you are and without providing us with any other personal information.

However, there are situations where we request personal information from you. For example, to correspond with you, to process your request for additional information or to subscribe to an electronic newsletter. In most cases this is done by means of an e-mail message.

In this way the foundation / association receives your personal data, for example your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address. The information that the foundation collects in this way is used to meet your request (for correspondence, information, donation, etc.).

Visitors who explicitly indicate this on a form can receive an e-mail, be contacted by telephone or receive information from the foundation in another way.



By communicating your personal data you indicate that they are correct and complete. The foundation adjusts your data to your request in the event of a change in your personal data or if you determine that data held by the foundation / association is unexpectedly incorrect.



The foundation has taken appropriate technical, physical and organizational measures to protect the personal data against loss or against any form of unlawful processing.



The foundation can provide your (personal) data to members of boards and committees that are active within the Foundation / association. The foundation ensures that those who receive this information are aware that this information may only be used within the framework of their foundation activity.

The foundation will never provide your data to third parties.
The rights that you have with regard to your personal data held by us.


You have the following rights with regard to your personal data that we process:

• The right to view those personal data

• The right to have the personal data corrected by us if they prove to be incorrect

• The right to have the personal data deleted if you are no longer a donor to the Foundation

• The right to ask us to transfer your data to another organization designated by you

• The right to submit a complaint about a certain form of use (processing) of that personal data to the secretary. He will contact you and, in consultation with you, try to remove the reason for the complaint. If you cannot reach a solution, you can file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


Privacy Policy images / photography

Images represent atmosphere and make the site more attractive. By using photos, the Foundation wants to provide additional information. The photos are only used on the website and in newsletters of the foundation. They are not intended for further publication and / or multiplication.

In connection with the provisions regarding the violation of portrait rights and / or the violation of privacy legislation (AVG), photos in which someone is clearly recognizable will be removed at the request of the person concerned. Such a request must be submitted in writing. This is possible by e-mail addressed to the secretary. It is important that you state your contact details therein: name and address of the person who objects, along with the activity, the date and description of the photo in question.

You must also state the characteristic of the photo (s). The personal data coordinator of the foundation will pass these requests on to the editors. The editors will consult with you if necessary. If that does not lead to agreement, the photo will be deleted after checking the data. You will receive a written response from the foundation in response to your objection.


Data visitors website

Functional cookies are used on the website to improve the user experience. User statistics of the website do not show individual user information, but quantifications of visitor flows.