Waka Support Foundation

Supports the volunteers of the Maori wakas in the Netherlands

Support the waka volunteers

The Waka Support Foundation (WSF) provides support for the volunteers who take care of the traditional Maori canoes in The Netherlands.


In 2010 the National Museum of Ethnology (Museum voor Volkenkunde) in Leiden reached an agreement with the Maori in New Zealand about bringing two Maori canoes (wakas) to The Netherlands.

The Maori entrusted their wakas to the museum, convinced that these living objects would be embedded a similar cultural and spiritual context as at home.

None of the people and parties involved could ever imagine that they were all on the brink of an unique adventure.

Volunteers of the Royal Dutch Student Rowing Club ‘Njord’ offered to provide this specific context. They acquired the canoeing technique, language and spiritual skills, and travelled to New Zealand to be welcomed as tribe members.

During an impressive ceremony, Maori representatives handed over the wakas to the museum and their new tribe.

Every year members of this (growing) tribe travel to New Zealand to learn more about the canoes and Maori traditions and rituals.

WSF supports these volunteers, safeguarding the development and durability of this unique project.

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For as little as €25 a year you can support the Dutch wakas